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On the traces of Lawrence dNous here finally on l' one of these famous " flats". Nothing of what j' had been able to read m' of it; there had really prepared. These dishes, has Ga' has, are large argillaceous, regular and plane plains thanks to l' evaporation of l' water collected during the rare ones, but violent precipitations. Impossible to resist l' call of the gallop, especially after a a little slow morning in deep sand. Horses and riders require only that, to let itself gray by l' intoxication speed and l' infinite, the drum deafened of the shoes on the ground, wind with our ears, the breath of the desert on our faces and the point d' apprehension caused by the reason which points out qu' to us; our horses should be held.

Quite simply indescribable. A strange silence s' seize the group when we pass by again with the step. Nobody n' dare speech of fear of breaking the magic, enjoying the last breaths of this amazing moment. Ca n' is qu' with l' arrival with the camp that l' one will take again the word all while occupying us of our horses. They are rolled in sand and listening to their growls of pleasure j' hesitate to make some as much… Travel Jordan: On the traces of deserted Lawrence dLe is by definition the ideal place to sleep with open air, our guides explain you the small tricks to spend a pleasant week: a flat and flexible ground, a sheltered place of the wind, sufficiently released to benefit from the beauty of the sky, right what it is necessary for the variation to preserve a minimum of intimacy.

Each one chooses its site for the night and the first steps of the night ritual s' install. The sleep will be long in coming, one feels so small under this immense vault of heaven. Awaked early, I drown in the infinite colors of the rising of the sun. The rocks draw phantasmagoric forms on sand and of the characters of legends seem to take life. The quickly dispatched toilet, we find ourselves around the breakfast and of the good odor of fire. Time to gather our businesses and we move in direction of the south-east of the solid mass of Wadi Rum. The impressive tops surrounding the canyon of Barrah make think of pyramids. Here the landscape is almost green. We make a pause with the foot d' a Nabatéen stopping. Water is fresh and makes it possible our horses to be watered.

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