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The sandstone leaves soon place with the basalt and superb tracks of gravel and compacted sand. From now on we very know our mountings, the gallops are not nothing any more but of pure moments of pleasure. We would spring readily with l' attack of the 120 kilometers of the track of the race d' endurance of Wadi Rum, we will have to be satisfied d' a small piece. Travel Jordan: On the traces of Lawrence dNos days are rythmées by needs all simple, but related to nature: the rising of the sun, water, heat, the freshness of the night, delicious meals under the tent Bedouin. No the watch to point out obligations, not chart or GPS to us.

Our passage will not leave traces in this vast desert. The prints of our gallops will disappear with the first blow from wind, the natural cisterns will fill with the next rain. We will set out again with our memories, conscious of having made only pass like these shades of end-of-day, when the sun starts to lie down and that the camp is close. To benefit from such an excursion, it is not necessary to be let absorb by the vastness of the site, forget its daily newspaper, its life, not be any more but the wind spinning such our Arab horses on the infinite tracks.

And c' is already the last bivouac. We trail around fire, silencer, delaying the moment d' as much as possible; to go us to lay down and d' to accept that tomorrow l' adventure will be finished, qu' it will be necessary for us to say goodbye to our new Jordanian friends, with our so proud and faithful mountings. The last day will make us ordinary tourists. We will benefit from sea-beds d' Aqaba before d' to go to make quick dip in the Dead Sea.

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