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In 2008, with Dinosaurs, The Citadel Dizziness or Lapland Express, discover new and creative experiences intense pleasure for all.
From April 2008 a new attraction: The Animals of the Future. Virtual images and real sets to give you the impression of living in the future in the world of tomorrow ...

Futuroscope a unique experience that you dive into a world of discoveries and surprises.When we think of Scandinavia, images of proud Vikings taking the sea on their Drakkar come to mind. It imagines and groups of bearded disorderly, with the long red hair, who fight among themselves without obeying anyone else or, perhaps, the most fractious!

But this idea that we are peoples of northern Europe, as the Danes, is somewhat biased and not quite correct. Indeed, by surprise probably more than one, the oldest monarchy throughout Europe is in Denmark. The royal family, represented today by Queen Margrethe II, dates back to Gorm, "said the old, who reigned around 950 AD. And a royalty, the palace said.

image2There are of course some castles and palaces in the Scandinavian countries and one of the most beautiful and most elaborate was built in the early 17th century for King Christian IV. It is a castle called Renaissance Frederiksborg. It should be noted that the name of this beautiful Frederiksborg Castle east, with an "o", not to be confused with another castle of Denmark, called this one, Frederiksberg, with an "e".

This small letter make all the difference when you look on a map where both of these castles! Indeed, Frederiksborg is situated in a small Patelin North Coppenhague of, Hillerod, while the other (Frederiksberg) is located in Copenhagen same! Any time it is not surprising to find in Denmark as many places with names very similar because the 21 past kings (and queen) nine bore the name of Frederik and ten of the name Christian. It therefore found everywhere names of towns, streets, castles and so on. with composite Christian or Frederik.


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