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Travel Jordan: On the traces of Lawrence dAvant to leave to l' attack of the large desert, our voyage starts with the visit of the ' ' Rose city of Nabatéens' ' , Petra, returned celebrates (inter alia and at least for my generation) by the film “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”. The visit is done with foot, the horses are prohibited, safe those led to foot and the step by the guides of the site and still only along the " Siq" , the long canyon d' access to the city whose walls rise up to 100 meters.

But long walk is worth the sorrow of it: with the end the most beautiful monument of the site is, Kazneh, the Treasury. Then the visit carries out us temple in tomb in an extravagant riot of colour where the pink dominates. The site of Pétra was registered with the world heritage of l' UNESCO in 1985. Built at the 1st century before J-C, the city would have sheltered jusqu' with 30.000 inhabitants with his apogee.

Sheltered well in a deeply boxed throat, the city drew its prosperity from its strategic position on the caravan roads, between l' Arabia, Red Sea and the Mediterranean. L' water, rare in this area, was collected at the time of the risings thanks to a system d' water supply made up of ceramics which s' extended with-outside city and supplied an important network of underground cisterns. The system of recovery and distribution d' water is still surprisingly well preserved. Various temples and tombs relative of hundreds of colors in layers (revealing a beauty which n' did not exist l' time of its construction when the interior walls were plastered and painted). As for the majority of the old cultures, one remains amazed at the know-how of the men and the ancestral techniques of construction.

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