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The hard law of the desert remembers to us: fault d' water, we will overlap in loop around the same camp But qu' import, we will spend more time admiring the inscriptions " feet and mains" at the bottom d' a canyon of the valley of Sabbet. What counts n' is not the distance covered but the voyage. The weather alone decides our voyage. C' is spring, it makes hot, we leave the valley of Sabbet in direction of south-west towards the high mountains.

Those enable us to shelter for the pause of midday and the nap. Impossible of s' to venture with the sun during the hottest hours. But qu' import. Some sleep, d' others evoke l' tormented history of the country and s' question on that which became a legend whereas nothing it predestined there, Lawrence d' Arabia. The sandstone leaves soon place with the basalt and superb tracks of gravel and compacted sand.

From now on we very know our mountings, the gallops are not nothing any more but of pure moments of pleasure. We would spring readily with l' attack of the 120 kilometers of the track of the race d' endurance of Wadi Rum, we will have to be satisfied d' a small piece.

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